(here you can download the festival booklet in pdf. format)

The XVI International Guitar

Festival and Competition

Żory – Poland 2008

23rd - 27th of April


City Center of Culture in Żory

The Silesian Association of Classical Guitar Lovers SILESIANA

Concert Agency MODRAN

Festival's office


ul. Mikołowska 279

PL-43-180 Orzesze

mob. phone: (+48) 601 819270

phone/fax: (+48) 32 2210080

e-mail: modran@wb.pl


Artistic directors

Katarina & Franciszek Wieczorek

Inviting artists

Rules of guitar competition

1. The persons that are born after 1st of May, 1988 can take part in the competition. They have to send the application form – by e-mail - until the 28th of February, 2008. They should also send their picture (in any graphical format). They should pay – in cash - entrance fee of 40 zloties (appr. 10 Euro) just before the competition.

2. The competition consists of two rounds.

In the first round should be performed:

- L. Legnani – 36 Capriccios op.20 (two of choice)

- facultative program

In the first round the entire program shall not exceed the limit of 10 minutes.

In the second round should be performed:

- S. Mroński – BarBaKan (you can order the music by e-mail directly from the publisher. You will pay for it later in cash – 20 zloties - just before the competition)

- facultative program (repeating pieces from the first round is forbidden)

In the second round the entire program shall not exceed the limit of 15 minutes.

All pieces should be played by heart.

3. The points of both rounds are counted together.

4. The decision of the jury shall not be appealed.

5. The winners of the first three positions will perform in the concert without receiving any money for it.

6. Prizes:

- The International Festival of Guitar Music in Trzęsacz, Poland – 2008

- The 8th Lubusk Guitar Weekend in Międzyrzecz, Poland - 2009

7. The winner of the competition will be invited to perform in the concert during the next Festival in Żory.

Participants of the guitar competition shall obtain free tickets for all festival concerts.

The organizers will not provide the accommodation (lodging and board) for the participants and observers of the Festival.

The guitar competition and all festival concerts will take place in City Culture Center in Żory, Dolne Przedmieście 1.

Extra events

Accommodation's possibilities in Żory